Stay Curious – Part 1

My husband often compares me to a cat because he says I’m always curious.  I want to learn new things.  I often ask “Why?”  I’ll drive down a street just to see where it goes – to see what’s there and if it takes me somewhere a new way.  I like to take classes to […]

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Listen Up

As I’ve observed people over many years, one of the things that has become crystal clear to me is that people need you to listen to them.  Listening is a validation like no other.  Whether they are sharing joys and accomplishments, or sorrows, worries, or frustrations, the gift of your time, your ear, and your […]

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Have A Nice Day #HAND

Have you ever gone through a day and wished someone would have something nice to say?  We are surrounded by bad news, constant complaining and negativity. But what if we took the time to compliment others?  My sweet friend Nicole did just that one day this past week when she posted this photo on her […]

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The Power of Empathy

How often do you take the time to look at the other side of a situation?  To consider someone’s point of view if it differs from you own?  Even if you choose to retain your thoughts, feelings (and dare I say) opinions, can you allow others to view life differently from the way you do […]

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Confidence is More Attractive than Anything You Could Put on Your Body

I recently finished reading #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso.  The founder of popular clothing and accessories website NastyGal, Amoruso shares life changing experiences, challenges, and her recipe for success.  While the book is applicable to all ages, she writes especially with younger women in mind.  She encourages them to “own” who they are and to feel […]

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Cady’s Alley Bazaar

In case you couldn’t tell, I love to visit pop-up shops and discover new “Made in USA” designers!  When I discovered that one of my Twitter friends, Pico Vela, was participating in the Cady’s Alley Bazaar over the holiday season, I made a mental note to make it to Georgetown to meet her and to […]

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Thoughtful Thursday

Happy New Year!  I hope that 2015 will be a wonderful year for you and one that is filled with kindness. Kindness starts at an early age.  This Christmas, I received a note from a childhood friend of mine – someone I’ve known since First Grade.  She told me that she tells her children all […]

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It Isn’t An Option

We’re taught to want options in life.  We have it in our beverages – “I’ll have a cafe latte, no foam, extra shot, skinny please”.  We have it in our food “I want the 6″ sub with turkey and cheese, toasted with lettuce, onions, and chipotle sauce on whole wheat bread.”  We have it in […]

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