Stream of Consciousness Sunday – Sure Things In Life

What is the saying?  The only sure things in life are death and taxes?  Taxes have pretty much consumed me for the last week!  And they are definitely one of those sure things that can’t be avoided.

Because I owned a business for several years, I had a tax accountant prepare our taxes as the complexity level had gone above what I was capable of handling myself.  As he worked through all of the reports and information I had provided to him, he had questions which I answered quickly.  When he said he was ready to meet with me and my husband this afternoon, I felt ready to get this behind me but anxious for the result.

And I kept asking myself “Why am I so anxious?”  What is done is done.  My anxiety wasn’t going to change the outcome of what he had to share with me.  I was going to have to deal with it.  Although I felt it would be positive news (a refund) I had mentally prepared myself for the bad news (owing the IRS).

After all that anxiety, his report was on the good news side.  (Yay!)   But it made me wonder, why am I always worried about things that are well beyond my control?  And how do I learn to stop?

This was my 5 minute Stream of Consciousness Sunday post. It’s five minutes of your time and a brain dump. Want to try it? Here are the rules…


  • Set a timer and write for 5 minutes.
  • Write an intro to the post if you want but don’t edit the post. This is writing in the raw.
  • Publish it somewhere. Anywhere. The back door to your blog if you want. But make it accessible.
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4 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Sunday – Sure Things In Life

  1. Don’t we all know this feeling? I try, and I’m successful sometimes, crossing a bridge when I get to it. It doesn’t always work especially with people issues, but it does with other worries. Things tend to turn out when we’ve given them our heart and best effort.


  2. I used to do the bills and I was so stressed all the time about it. And then I decided I didn’t want to do it anymore. I wanted my husband to be aware and shoulder the burden and now, I don’t think about it at all. It’s much better that way!


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