Being Remembered

Doesn’t it make you feel special to be remembered?  I know that each time it happens to me, whether in a restaurant or a coffee shop or a store I frequent, I’m always surprised and delighted.  I never expect anyone to remember me.  So it is even more special when it happens.

One of the most surprising “remembering” events came at a coffee shop I had frequented for 3+ years.  When my travels no longer took me close to that shop, I didn’t visit anymore.  Two and a half years later, my life changed to have me travel in that area again.  The first day I stopped in, I assumed I wouldn’t know anyone and they wouldn’t know me.  But as I walked through the door, one of the employees said “Where have you been?  We’ve missed you!  Are you back?”  Talk about a Wow moment!

While it is easy to remember those times when someone made you feel special, unfortunately it is also easy to remember the times when someone was unkind to you.  It can take some effort but you can usually find it in your heart to forgive someone.  But forgetting their words or actions is much harder.

It’s one of those reasons this blog focuses on kindness.  There is so much hateful (and hurtful) behavior in the world.  And once we’ve been cruel to someone (or been a victim of that cruelty) it is hard to erase that feeling.

Make the effort to remember someone this next week.  If it is someone who you see in the course of your day, make sure to call them by name or point out something special that you’ve talked about previously.  Or send someone you haven’t seen/talked to in a while an email or a note.  Your kindness will be remembered!


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