Kindness When It is Needed The Most

At times in your life when things are the most challenging, have you ever found that a surprising act of kindness touches your soul?  That happened to me today.

When I arrived home from work, a Priority Mail package was on my kitchen table.  The return address was Oklahoma.  My husband asked me who it was from and I was baffled.  I hadn’t ordered anything recently.  I racked my brain to think about who I may know from Oklahoma.  And came up with nothing.  My husband said “Let’s open it.”  I’ll confess, I stood back a bit as he sliced a knife through the packaging.  Sadly, we’ve probably all learned not to trust something that we don’t expect and don’t know where it is from.

As we pulled out the newspaper padding the packaging, he said “It looks like a hat box.”  And I thought “It can’t be.”  But let me explain.  I used to own a boutique.  And when I was determining how to decorate it, I wanted to pay homage to all of the wonderful regional department stores that once defined the ultimate in shopping experiences.  I also applied the influences that I had in shopping with my Mom in local boutiques and department stores in developing my approach to my boutique.  I had written blog posts on my store’s blog about these influences.  And through those posts, I had found a friend who shared my love for a particular department store in West Virginia – The Diamond.

Joni found my blog post about The Diamond and we connected on Facebook and became friends.  I joined her group “I Miss The Diamond Department Store”.  And I enjoyed every one of her pictures and remembrances of this amazing store.  This store was part of my childhood.  It is part of my relationship with my mother.  It is part of me.  To read more about my memories with this wonderful store, read my store’s blog here.

A couple months ago, Joni posted a picture of a beautiful Diamond hat box and the hat that was inside!  I was so enthralled with the picture and remembered liking it and commenting on it.  I considered her so fortunate to have something like that in her possession.

Diamond Hat Box 2 Diamond Hat Box 3 Diamond Hat Box

And today, this arrived in a box to my house from Oklahoma with the note “I thought you would like to have this.”

There aren’t words to express how I feel about this.  If I even had an eighth of an influence on someone the way this touched me, I would be overwhelmed with the impact.

Do something kind and selfless for someone tomorrow.  It may mean more than you can ever imagine.

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