A #HAND Update

Earlier this month, I joined in my friend Nicole’s #HAND campaign.  If you remember, #HAND stands for “Have A Nice Day” and the initiative is to write something positive and uplifting about someone (or in my case, once I did a something!) and tag them so that they could see it.  It was meant to give a boost to the individual by reminding them of the things that you think make them special.

I started the campaign on Twitter and decided to do the posts first thing in the morning (all the better to start off the recipient’s day!) and focus on doing it on weekdays.  What have I found?  First of all, I don’t find it difficult at all to think of people who are special!  Second, 130 characters doesn’t do my recipients justice – I need more words to share all of the great qualities about them!  Third, when I sit and think about the person I’ve chosen for the day, I feel happy as I go through all of the things that make them beautiful inside and out.  And Fourth, the response has been wonderful – people truly seem to feel special!

Back to the “something” I mentioned in the first paragraph.  When I owned my boutique, one of my customers stopped in almost every morning with her dogs.  And one of the dogs has a Twitter account (not kidding!)  This particular pup got a #HAND too!

I’ve got to figure out ways to recognize people who aren’t on Twitter.  I’m thinking about also using Instagram (where Nicole recognized me) and Facebook.  So far, it is such a nice piece of my morning!  This world can be cold, cynical, and critical – we are bombarded with it constantly.  Be a bright light for someone everyday!  Give them a #HAND!

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