Listen Up

As I’ve observed people over many years, one of the things that has become crystal clear to me is that people need you to listen to them.  Listening is a validation like no other.  Whether they are sharing joys and accomplishments, or sorrows, worries, or frustrations, the gift of your time, your ear, and your heart may be one of the best gifts you can give.

How often do we “really” listen?  I’m guilty of trying to multi-task, often saying to the person speaking “Go on, I’m listening” but continuing to type or stare at the computer screen.  What I’m really saying to them is “My time is more important than yours.” And when I think about that, I’m ashamed.

I’m really trying hard to be a better listener.  One of the oft-repeated phrases is “LISTEN and SILENT are made up of the same letters.”  That means not only being quiet and taking in all someone has to say but also not letting your mind wander.  Not trying to think of what you are going to say next.  Not judging.  Simply listening.

I found this beautiful acrostic about listening on this lovely blog: – she had found it here –

Julian Treasure on on listening:

Laudable is he who can listen with full attention.

Intrinsic is the need to connect with one another;

Sit in considerate silence when each other speaks.

Take the time to pay heed to surrounding sounds,

Engaging in active concentration and awareness while

Nurturing yourself in practicing absorbed interest.

Indulge in the meditation of the resonance that IS,

Nourishing mindfulness that supports your being and

Garners conscious discernment along the way.

I’m making it a goal to be a better listener.

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