Have A Nice Day #HAND

Have you ever gone through a day and wished someone would have something nice to say?  We are surrounded by bad news, constant complaining and negativity.

But what if we took the time to compliment others?  My sweet friend Nicole did just that one day this past week when she posted this photo on her Instagram account @TinyStepsMommy – she followed up by writing a heartfelt post for people who were special to her or impacted her life.  I can certainly say that her compliment made MY day!


When I was a little girl, I loved the bright yellow and black smiley face that accompanied the “Have a Nice Day” phrase.  But as I grew older and experienced more of the negative side of life, I forgot about the joy that simple phrase and precursor to the “Smiley Face” emoticon brought to me. It is time to remember it again!

What if we took the time just once a day to compliment someone in our lives – past or present?  I’ll bet you could come up with someone every day of the year!  Give it a try!  And let’s get #HAND trending!

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